American Giant Spring 2017 Page 2 Letter from our founder & CEO

I'm inspired by people who encourage us to experience the world in a new way, or question what's possible. We call them Giants. Over the last two years, I've been lucky enough to spend time with each of the Giants featured on the pages that follow. They lead by example. Kev and Wil of Black Violin find time in their crazy touring schedules to connect with kids, and remind us that we should constantly challenge the way we see things. Shaka Senghor had the courage to take responsibility for his life and his past, and the resilience to rebuild that life into one that sets a shining example for the rest of us. Michael Rapaport brings a relentless work ethic and optimism to everything he does. Each of them reminds me how much we have to be grateful for as we turn our sights to 2017. American Giant is proud to know them, and honored to share these pages with them. We hope you find inspiration in their stories, and use it to be Giant in your own lives. We certainly do. Thank you for your support and trust, and for letting us do a job we love. BAYARD WINTHROP COMFORTABLE ISN'T THE AMERICAN DREAM SEE THE FULL MANIFESTO AT: AMERICAN-GIANT.COM/AG-ETHOS A LETTER FROM OUR FOUNDER AND CEO

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